In the future

from by DottiR

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In the future x4

bitches got too big for they britches now these snitches get stiches
I mine glitches for they riches pullin' weight like trailer hitches hoe
but you don’t hear me though
recollect my reflection for closer inspect ya decks
slimy like slugs havin' sex
grimy bass tastes like chicken necks in effect we wreck
2 man band's blowin' em up like propane cans changin' styles like Zartan spins melanin
rims on his six foe but I ain't yellin' yo joe
its a reference but I ain't savin' her no
and neither is you bro
cant we all though get along and get strong
In the future

In the future x5

bakers make cakes and relate rent rates for folks forsaked
they baked for drinkin' up a whole lake
Powder kegs pop teenage balls drop cops shoot innocent peeps
who die dead in the street
they blood curls on the sidewalk we take and talk to work every week while no one weeps the creeps
rainin' sheets of red
lives flowin' through these beats drain dead out into a sea of pain
maimed and stained don't refrain from namin names if it ends the game
or yer just the same

In the future x7


from Fortress of Thugitude, released January 6, 2014



all rights reserved


DottiR Iceland

Dark industrial opera gangsta rap from the future.

Beats, rhymes and gangster ass operatic lines.

Closet goth hip-hop. Dis is DottiR.

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